Adam Fudickar

Adam Fudickar

Fellow, Environmental Resilience Institute
Adjunct, Department of Biology and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Indiana University, 2013-2017

Ph.D. Organismal Biology, University of Konstanz & Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, 2012

M.S. Biology, University of Oklahoma, 2008

B.S. Biology, University of Oklahoma, 2006


Research in the Fudickar laboratory broadly aims to understand the ability of animals to adapt to changes in climate and habitat.

In most regions, predictable seasonal changes in climate and recourse availability necessitates seasonal changes in the behavior and physiology of animals. Climate change and habitat destruction have 1) altered the predictability of the timing of seasonal changes and 2) altered flora and fauna across the planet. We work to identify the genetic and physiological mechanisms that underlie the responses of animals to these changes. We aim to contribute to a greater understanding of the ability of animals to adapt to a rapidly changing planet.

Representative publications:

Fudickar, A.M., Greives, T.J., Abolins-Abols, M., Atwell, J.W., Meddle, S.L., Friis, G., Stricker, C.A. and Ketterson, E.D., 2017. Mechanisms associated with an advance in the timing of seasonal reproduction in an urban songbird. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 5, p.85.

Greives, T.J., Fudickar, A.M., Atwell, J.W., Meddle, S.L. and Ketterson, E.D., 2016. Early spring sex differences in luteinizing hormone response to gonadotropin releasing hormone in co-occurring resident and migrant dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis). General and comparative endocrinology, 236, pp.17-23.

Fudickar, A.M., Greives, T.J., Atwell, J.W., Stricker, C.A. and Ketterson, E.D., 2016. Reproductive allochrony in seasonally sympatric populations maintained by differential response to photoperiod: implications for population divergence and response to climate change. The American Naturalist, 187(4), pp.436-446.

Fudickar, A.M., Peterson, M.P., Greives, T.J., Atwell, J.W., Bridge, E.S. and Ketterson, E.D., 2016. Differential gene expression in seasonal sympatry: mechanisms involved in diverging life histories. Biology letters, 12(3), p.20160069.

Winkler, D.W., Jørgensen, C., Both, C., Houston, A.I., McNamara, J.M., Levey, D.J., Partecke, J., Fudickar, A.M., Kacelnik, A., Roshier, D. and Piersma, T., 2014. Cues, strategies, and outcomes: how migrating vertebrates track environmental change. Movement Ecology, 2(1), p.10.