About Us

We are ...

... the Environmental Resilience Institute, and our mission is to predict the impact of environmental change and develop solutions that prepare Indiana businesses, farmers, communities and individuals for that impact.

Launched in 2017, the institute is part of Prepared for Environmental Change, the second project developed and funded through Indiana University's $300 million Grand Challenges Program

The overarching goal of Prepared for Environmental Change is to foster Indiana’s resilience as our world confronts environmental change by providing accurate information that will enable policies to minimize adverse impact while creating opportunity.

The Environmental Resilience Institute is charged with achieving that goal. IU has invested $55 million in the institute’s efforts to better predict the impact of environmental change and to facilitate collaboration between IU's world-class faculty and Indiana residents, businesses, nonprofits and the public sector.

Great research universities like IU are uniquely positioned to help lead these partnerships and provide the intellectual talent, resources and expertise to develop and implement innovative and high-impact solutions to the most pressing needs of our local communities, our state and our world in the face of environmental change.

IU President Michael McRobbie