Research Fellows

Research Fellows

Research Fellows at the Environmental Resilience Institute bring their expertise to projects that address a wealth of preparedness issues and assist in developing solutions. These faculty work independently, as well as with other fellows and ERI affiliates and collaborators. Their focus areas are broad and encompassing of the state's challenges. The Institute is pleased to host these talented individuals:

Jason Bertram, Theoretical Biology 

Elizabeth Grennan Browning, Midwestern/Indiana Community History 

Adam Fudickar, Migration Mechanisms 

Matthew Houser, Midwestern/Indiana Community Studies 

Alex Jahn, Migration Patterns 

Luis Inaraja Vera, Conservation Law

Ranjan Muthukrishnan, Invasive Species Ecology

Tara Smiley, Stable Isotope Ecology 

Joon Woo Sohn, Green Economic Development 

Abigail Sullivan, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources 

Pascal Title, Species Distribution Modeling 

Maria Whiteman, Artistic Social Practice