Urban Green Infrastructure

Urban Green Infrastructure

This working group investigates the socio-economics, policy and ecology of designing urban green spaces for human health, food and energy systems.

Projects include inventories and analyses of parks, gardens and other forms of urban green infrastructure, which will generate policy recommendations for healthier, more resilient communities; measurement and monitoring of urban waterways; analysis of human-nature connection through visual and textual narratives; and research and development of cyanobacterial carbon sinks.

Read a news story about this working group, featuring an interview with co-leader Heather Reynolds. 


Gabe Filippelli
Professor of Earth Sciences
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Beth Gazley
Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University Bloomington

Heather Reynolds
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Indiana University Bloomington

Jeffrey Wilson
Associate Dean for Research
Professor of Geography
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis