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ERI Data Platform

Users can utilize the tools and resources of the ERI Data Platform to discover and access geographic information system data and metadata, search archived documents indexed by Institute research groups or topics, and more.

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Hoosier Life Survey

The Hoosier Life Survey, led by Institute Fellow Matthew Houser and IU Professor Eric Sandweiss, will provide new insights into Hoosiers' views of and expectations for climate change in their region of Indiana.

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Hoosier Environmental Forecast Matrix

The Matrix is an effort to modernize and incorporate environmental change data generated by Institute Research Fellows into IndianaMap.

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ERI Research Fellows

The ERI Research Fellows are a team of ambitious researchers from across the globe whose areas of expertise encompass the scientific, sociological, legal, historical, and artistic challenges of climate change. Together, they're working to understand the impact of environmental change in Indiana from every angle and produce insights that can translate into actionable steps to help Hoosiers prepare for the challenges that environmental change will bring to the state.

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