Prepared for Environmental Change Webinar Series

The Prepared for Environmental Change Webinar Series provides cost-free trainings for local government officials and staff on topics that support local government leaders as they prepare their communities for higher average temperatures year-round, increased precipitation during spring and winter months and all of the impacts that occur as a result. Topics are selected for a Midwestern audience. 

The series is hosted by the Environmental Resilience Institute, Accelerate Indiana Municipalities and the Association of Indiana Counties. These webinars are sponsored by Health by Design and the Indiana Public Health Association.

Upcoming Webinars

ERI is pleased to host another year of webinars on topics related to climate change, resilience, and sustainability.

See the lineup below for a preview of the topics that will likely be covered during the 2021-2022 season. This list is subject to change throughout the year to accommodate timely topics, and we always welcome suggestions from attendees for future webinars.

Webinars are held 12-1 p.m. ET on the second Wednesday of each month. In its third season, the institute is committed to integrating racial and social equity into all of its events. Each month, webinars will feature environmental justice experts or speakers that will address how racial equity can be integrated into community projects.

Addressing Community Climate Vulnerability

November 10, 12-1PM EST

Climate impacts, such as increased precipitation and extreme heat, can affect community infrastructure, the environment, and the public health of residents. Using mitigation and adaptation strategies, local governments can reduce vulnerability and increase resilience to climate impacts. Join our webinar to learn how to create community-specific policies that reduce community climate vulnerabilities.


Restoring Waterways to Protect Your Community

December 8, 12-1PM EST

Degraded rivers and streams are increasingly unable to perform essential ecological and social functions, such as providing clean drinking water, supporting fish and wildlife, and mitigating floods and droughts. Join our webinar to learn how to enhance the resilience of your waterways through community restoration projects.


2021-2022 Webinar Topics

  • February 9, 2022 - Financing Climate Preparedness Projects
  • March 9, 2022 - Educating Community Members on Increasing their Resilience 
  • April 13, 2022 - Environmental Change and Social Equity
  • May 11, 2022 - Smart Growth Policies for Climate Adaptation and Resilience
  • June 8, 2022 - Protecting the Natural Environment from the Impacts of Climate Change

One of my favorite things about the webinar series is that it's specific enough to be relevant to my work but general enough to appeal to people in other fields

Katherine Moore Powell, a climate change ecologist at the Field Museum in Chicago

Hearing experts address an Indiana and Midwest audience and hosted by an Indiana institution is very helpful to me in making the case for the importance of these issues

Therese Dorau, the former City of South Bend director of sustainability

Community Solar Projects to Enhance Resilience and Promote a Just Energy Transition Name of Webinar – Held Month September 8, 2021

View this webinar to learn how to implement community solar projects that enhance resilience and promote a just transition for vulnerable populations. 


  • Trevor Memmott, PhD Student, O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University 
  • Mo McReynolds, Community Engagement Manager, City of Indianapolis, Office of Sustainability

Addressing Heat Preparedness in Under-Resourced Communities – Held June 09, 2021

View this webinar to learn how to equitably address heat preparedness in under-resourced communities. 


  • Dr. Dan Johnson, Associate Professor, IUPUI School of Geography 
  • Julie Donna, Sustainability Coordinator, Louisville Metro Government 

Effective communication techniques to constructively engage the entire community - Held May 12, 2021

View this webinar to learn effective communication strategies to constructively engage your community on environmental topics.


  • Martin McCrory, Professor of Business Law, Kelley School of Business
  • Carolyn Townsend, MPA-MSES, O'Neill SPEA; Service Corps Fellow, City of Bloomington

Building Up Local Food Systems Through the Lens of Equity - Held April 14, 2021

This webinar discussed how climate change is impacting food systems and how local solutions can be built while protecting the most vulnerable populations.


  • Milele Kennedy, Director, Indianapolis Division of Community Nutrition and Food Policy
  • Virginia Pleasant, PhD., Vice President and Value Chain Coordinator, Northwest Indiana Food Council

Webinar Archive

More webinars are available to view on YouTube.