The Environmental Resilience Institute brings together faculty, postdocs, and students across disciplines to collaborate on research that can inform Indiana's and the Midwest's abilities to withstand widespread environmental change.

Building knowledge together

ERI supports an interdisciplinary community of IU faculty affiliates spanning the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

Meet ERI's affiliated faculty

  • Kaitlin Alford, former research associate
  • John Baeten, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Daniel Becker, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Jason Bertram, former research fellow
  • Lana Bolin, former research assistant
  • Jennifer Brand, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Dustin Brewer, former research associate
  • Elizabeth Grennan Browning, affiliated researcher
  • Analena Bruce, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Allison Byrd, former research associate
  • Bo Chen, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Lingxi Chenyang, former research fellow
  • Brianna Crawley, former research assistant
  • Allie Downs, former research assistant
  • Adam Fudickar, associate research scientist
  • Lei Gong, former research associate
  • Samantha Hamlin, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Asrah Heintzelman, former research assistant
  • Matthew Houser, former research fellow
  • Luis Inaraja Vera, former research fellow
  • Rachel Irvine, former research assistant
  • Alex Jahn, former research fellow
  • Carolyn Kalinowski, former research associate
  • Marika Latham, former research assistant
  • Quinn Lewis, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Natasha MacBean, former Grand Challenge-sponsored faculty
  • Susan Magnoli, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Kashif Mahmud, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Katerina Mazari, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Ranjan Muthukrishnan, former research fellow
  • Kushal Keshavamurthy Raviprakesh, former research assistant
  • Danielle Peltier-Thompson, former research assistant
  • Elizabeth Sherrill, former research assistant
  • Devraj Singh, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Tara Smiley, former research fellow
  • Joon Woo Sohn, former research fellow 
  • Abigail Sullivan, former research fellow
  • Bhuwan Thapa, former postdoctoral researcher
  • Thomas Thrasher, former research associate
  • Pascal Title, former research fellow
  • The Anh Vu, former research assistant
  • Sarah Wanamaker, former research associate
  • Maria Whiteman, former research fellow
  • Christopher Wojan, former research associate
  • Leah Wood, former research assistant
  • Yilun Zhang, former research assistant

ERI is working to protect Hoosier lives and livelihoods