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Educating for Environmental Change

Educating for Environmental Change (EfEC) is a professional development program for K-12 teachers to effectively teach the science and policy of climate change. Utilizing hands-on labs and activities, EfEC is deepening educator understanding of key concepts related to environmental change, including how scientists know the climate is changing, how humans are accelerating these changes, and steps to mitigate the severity and impact of climate change.

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Educational Resources

To help students recognize the widespread impacts of climate change and how to address them, ERI is releasing activities and discussion questions that build on the the institute's research and implementation work. These materials are free for anyone to use.

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Geoengineering and Climate Modeling

Climate scientists widely agree that measures to reduce and capture greenhouse gas emissions are not happening fast. Could artificially cooling earth's climate help? This educational brochure on geoengineering introduces students to the research area and includes activities to do at home or in the classroom.

Education level: middle school or high school

Time commitment: 20-30 min

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Resilient Communities Case Studies

Communities across the US are preparing for the impacts of climate change and taking steps to reduce local emissions. ERI is documenting these actions in case studies to serve as a resource for others. To facilitate discussion on communities’ resilience activities in the Midwest, the institute offers discussion questions with each case study.

Education level: high school or college

Time commitment: 20-30 min/case study

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Decorative: a sample of the available data from FutureWater

FutureWater Lessons

How much water will be available to Indiana communities in the future and at what quality? These two exercises will familiarize students with using hydrological models to analyze and interpret data to project how environmental changes will impact water supplies in the state.

Education level: high school or college

Time commitment: 1 hr/lesson

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Hoosier Resilience Heroes Coloring Book

This coloring book tells the stories of nine real-life Hoosiers and what they are doing to educate others about climate change and protect Indiana's environment. The book is free to download and distribute.

Education level: K-3

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Additional IU Resources

Research and Teaching Preserve

The IU Research and Teaching Preserve offers both lab space and a natural setting for classes from multiple disciplines. The RTP is available to facilitate IU courses, community workshops, high school camps, and K-12 class visits. 

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Campus Farm

Situated just east of the IU Bloomington campus, the IU campus farm offers experiential learning opportunities for classes of any level. Details on how to schedule a meeting or classroom visit are available on the farm website.

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