Preparing Indiana for a resilient future

Indiana’s climate is warming, a development with wide-ranging consequences for our state’s economy and health.

Funded through Indiana University’s Prepared for Environmental Change Grand Challenge initiative, the Environmental Resilience Institute is working to prepare businesses, families, and communities to adapt—and thrive—amid these changes.

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Partners in resilience

ERI collaborates with Hoosiers and organizations across the state to better prepare Indiana for environmental changes that affect individuals, communities, businesses, and natural systems. We’re actively engaging:

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Indiana is full of individuals who are working to make Hoosier communities and the state more resilient in the face of environmental change.

The efforts of Hoosier Resilience Heroes  are inspiring others to think about climate change, adopt sustainable practices, and take action to prepare for environmental change. Nominations for 2020 are currenty being accepted.

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How is our environment changing?

We know our climate is warming, causing heavier downpours in the spring and summer, and hotter, drier summers. But these visible effects of climate change also give rise to less obvious environmental changes. Growing seasons are shifting. New migratory patterns are emerging. The topography of Indiana's landscape is changing. Residents need reliable information about what is and will be happening—and how it will affect our health, our economy and our quality of life.

Climate change affects us all and requires a truly interdisciplinary response. IU’s Grand Challenge makes that possible and the Environmental Resilience Institute puts it into action.

Janet McCabe, Director of the Environmental Resilience Institute