How can your business help?

The residents of Indiana look to the state’s strong business sector to be leaders toward a brighter future. By partnering with ERI, your business will make an impact on environmental health and send a strong signal to your community and the extensive network of IU alumni, faculty, staff, and supporters that you are empowering environmental progress. It’s not just good for the environment; it’s also a sound investment in your community and a long-term business strategy.

Business Giving Levels

  • Visionaries - $100,000
  • Champions - $50,000
  • Stewards - $10,000
  • Advocates - $1,000

Benefits for Business Supporters

ERI is honored to recognize its business supporters in numerous ways, customizable to your unique needs. On top of the positive change you will be empowering in your community, potential recognition benefits include:

  • Public recognition on ERI’s website, social media, e-news, podcast, events, webinars, press releases, and other places depending on the nature of sponsorship
  • Logo or name placement on ERI marketing materials
  • Visionaries and Champions: Invitations to private events with ERI faculty and supporters
  • Opportunities for joint promotional campaigns
  • Exposure to ERI’s audience of IU alumni, government leaders, and Indiana residents

Donations to ERI are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Partnership Opportunities

Corporate and Foundation Supporters