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The Environmental Resilience Institute is helping faculty connect with community partners, maximize the societal benefits of research, and augment outreach and teaching efforts.

If you are a faculty member interested in expanding the broader impact of research, implementing a resilience-related service program, or incorporating resilience into teaching, ERI wants to hear from you.

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ERI faculty services:

Broader impacts

Apply your knowledge to improve people’s lives. With networks in government, business, education, and the nonprofit sector, ERI can connect faculty researchers to the groups they want to engage, such as K-12 science teachers, municipal leaders, or frontline communities.

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Science communication and outreach

Translate your environmental change and resilience work into an accessible and compelling story. ERI can work with faculty to develop and disseminate targeted messages and visuals that convey the significance and impact of research to public audiences.

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Data dissemination

Collaborate with us to share your research data with public audiences. ERI manages multiple platforms designed to make environmental data accessible to students, researchers, policy makers, citizen scientists, and other groups.

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Teaching resources

Teach the science and policy of environmental change using Midwest-specific resources. ERI offers classroom resources and collaborates with faculty to develop teaching modules and hands-on research experiences for the next generation of environmental leaders.

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Decorative - a headshot of Travis O'Brien

The existence of ERI was a major factor in my decision to change career trajectories and move to IU, as ERI's mission is critical for translating basic research on climate change into actionable information for the public.

Travis O'Brien, assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IU Bloomington