Resilient Food Systems

Strengthening Indiana food networks for Hoosier farmers and communities

The global food system faces complex and interconnected challenges—from environmental degradation and extreme weather to social inequalities and economic vulnerabilities—that threaten food security in Indiana and the Midwest.

To build more sustainable, equitable, and resilient food systems, ERI is leading and contributing to multiple efforts in Indiana to build up regional food networks within the state.


FARMWISE Indiana is a regional approach to food value chains, focusing on institutional buyers and responsible food purchasing frameworks to increase markets for farmers and improve food environments.

This project is: 

  • Expanding values-based food procurement strategies of institutional partners
  • Increasing coordination between Hoosier farmers and institutional buyers
  • Integrating social responsibility into food purchasing strategies

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Fischer Farms Ultimate Beef

This USDA-funded project is exploring the climate impact of regenerative agriculture practices on beef cattle farming. As part of this investigation, ERI is conducting social science research to understand the motivations and limitations of institutions when purchasing climate-smart food.

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Indiana Value Chain Network

The Indiana Value Chain Network creates long-term connections between suppliers and buyers that help regionalize food production, distribution, preparation, and consumption. By fostering trust-based relationships, the network is increasing sales and market opportunities for farmers and food businesses. 

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Community & Agriculture Resilient Food System Audit Tool

The Community & Agriculture Resilience Audit Tool (CARAT) helps community stakeholders assess how they currently utilize the assets of their local food system to achieve a substantial level of community resilience.

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Indiana Food Vision

The Indiana Food Vision is a roadmap for cultivating a robust, nourishing, and equitable food system where all communities in Indiana thrive. ERI and collaborators are leading a planning process to identify the key areas in which policy, programs, and funding can advance a thriving food system.

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