Creating a network of sustainability

Are you a business, nonprofit, or local government that would like to advance climate, sustainability, and resilience within your organization? Host a McKinney Climate Fellow!

The application period for hosting a 2023 climate fellow is now closed. Check back here in Fall 2023 to learn more about the 2024 MCF program.

Building Indiana’s sustainability workforce capacity

Partner Commitment

  • Mentor climate fellow during 10- to 12-week externship
  • Draft fellow job description (with program support)
  • Provide financial support for programming and student scholarships
  • Provide expertise during week-long training (if desired) or provide a host site visit
  • Identify or provide local housing for fellow


Partner Benefit

  • Receive a highly skilled, professional, and trained undergraduate or graduate student to tackle sustainability challenges for 10 to 12 weeks
  • ERI staff will recruit, vet, and hire students on your behalf
  • Access to ERI and the McKinney Midwest Climate Project programming, including webinars, trainings, and modules.

Application Assistance: Creating a job description

When preparing your partner application, it is strongly recommended that you take the time to draft and submit a strong job description. The draft job description is one of the main criteria for evaluating the strength of your application and later to recruit students.

Below is a job description template for hosting a climate fellow to work on a sustainability or climate action project.

Job Description Template — McKinney Climate Fellows


Support the next generation of climate leaders

A grant from the McKinney Family Foundation underwrites a portion of the costs associated with the McKinney Climate Fellows, however, many more opportunities exist to maximize the project’s potential.

Learn more about how to support MCF