Support MMCP

Support Levels


$20,000 and above

  • Be a leading donor and help MMCP expand into new communities.
  • Receive recognition throughout the state and to IU's broad audience.



  • Empower a city, county, or town government to participate in the Resilience Cohort for one full year; community pays subsidized fee, thanks to you!
  • Receive recognition with the community and ERI marketing.



  • Help a nonprofit in your community to host a trained student on a meaningful project focused on climate and equity.
  • Cover scholarship and partial admin costs for one student; nonprofit pays a subsidized fee, thanks to you!
  • Enable a promising IU student to work with a local government or nonprofit on meaningful climate and equity projects for a full summer.


$1,000 and above

  • Sponsor MMCP at the level that works for your company.
  • Maximize your impact with unrestricted support while meeting your goals for CSR, community impact, and public recognition.

Benefits to ERI business sponsors

ERI is honored to recognize its business supporters in numerous ways, customizable to your unique needs. On top of the positive change you will be empowering in your community, potential recognition benefits include:

  • Website recognition
  • Press releases
  • Special events and promotions
  • Social media recognition

Recognition is customizable and dynamic. When you sponsor a Resilience Cohort community or McKinney Climate Fellow, the government or nonprofit you’re supporting will be informed of your generosity and invited to share that with their audiences. Businesses are an important part of the solution to climate change, and sharing that message with ERI’s audience amplifies our impact. It also shows your clients and customer base that you’re taking meaningful action for a greener Midwest. Support for ERI constitutes a tax-deductible donation to the extent allowed by law.