Deep Ecologies in the Time of Climate Change

Illustrating environmental benefits

A collection of rocks, shells, and moss

Exhibition Artwork: BioFungiArt Installation will entail plants, trees and human body forms to be placed outdoors where students can interact with the installation. This project expands and explores the links between the environment, body, health and climate change. Maria Whiteman

ERI Fellow Maria Whiteman is exploring the relationships between fungi, our bodies and other organisms in the natural ecosystem in a two-part art series featuring Indiana fungi and climate change.  

The artwork is motivated by the desire to foster a greater understanding of the role fungi will play in a rapidly changing climate and will strive to provide a new appreciation of the “deep, shared ecology” by examining the complex relationships of interspecies life, death, and decomposition. The work will contain and use fungi as part of the conceptual link, resulting in a living artwork that integrates fungi as the building material and alludes to the multifaceted potential fungi have in our environment. 

BioFungiArt will demonstrate the various multitudes in which Whiteman can form and implement visually engaging art, illustrating the properties of fungi and our interconnectedness to the ecology and biodiversity of the mycelia world. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • IU Bicentennial Exhibition: “Touching Fungi and Fungi Touches”
    Evansville Museum, Grunwald Gallery, Indiana
    Nov 2019 – March 2020
  • Picturing Indiana Biodiversity
    Curated by Betsy Stirratt at the School of Art, Architecture, and Design and Roger Hangarter in the Biology Department, "Picturing Indiana Biodiversity" will be the first Art/Science exhibit addressing contemporary issues that contribute to biodiversity in the state of Indiana. The exhibition will take place at the Grunwald Art Gallery in the fall of 2020.