Indiana Energy Development

Facilitating solar development in your Indiana community

Solar energy is a growth industry in Indiana. While comprising less than 1 percent of all electricity generation in the state in 2020, solar is poised to grow substantially in the next decade as Indiana utility companies, Hoosier businesses, and residents take advantage of cost-competitive renewable energy.

This trend presents an opportunity for Indiana businesses, residents, and local governments to facilitate economic development and support homegrown energy that is substantially cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than fossil fuels.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the Hoosier state is projected to more than triple its current solar capacity over the next five years. Long-term, solar generation in the state is expected to grow thirtyfold.

Indiana solar facts

939 megawatts Indiana’s solar generation capacity as of March 2021.

111,163number of homes Indiana solar energy could power as of March 2021.

2.3 gigawattssolar capacity to be brought online by utility company Northern Indiana Public Service Company by 2028.

4 gigawattsexpected solar capacity to be installed in Indiana by 2026.

More resources from ERI and GPI

In addition to a model solar ordinance, ERI and GPI produced an Indiana Renewable Energy Guide. The guide gives Indiana communities a long-range perspective on utility- and community-scale renewable energy markets and development trends, addressing topics such as siting authority, incentives, and energy-generation potential of solar and wind.

View the Indiana Renewable Energy Guide   

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