Citizens Reservoir in Fishers, Indiana Increases Water Storage

Outcomes and Conclusions

Compared to Geist Reservoir, the Citizens Reservoir is approximately five percent of the surface area and has the storage capacity to hold ½ of Geist’s total volume.   

Since Citizens Energy Group converted a retired limestone quarry, the Citizens Reservoir was affordable and did not directly impact rates for customers. Furthermore, there was a smaller environmental and social impact as the project did not displace and/or flood properties. Furthermore, the reservoir offers an environmental benefit by providing a natural habitat for wildlife.


 Apart from the initial preplanning, there were no main challenges presented during the process; construction went smoothly and aligned with the original timeline.

Takeaway Message

Director of Water Quality, System Control, and Planning Dan Moran said, "Citizens Reservoir is an innovative solution to ensuring the affordable water supplies necessary over the next 25 years to sustain our customers and the economic development of Central Indiana."

Questions for Discussion

These questions are designed to inspire readers—especially those wanting to learn broadly about climate change solutions—to think critically about the case study on this page and encourage deeper, more meaningful conversations. A list of ERIT case studies that include discussion questions can be found on the Resilient Communities Case Studies page.

  1. Visit the Environmental Resilience Institute Toolkit.  
    1. Describe three adaption strategies that make communities more resilient to droughts?  
    2. How does climate change affect water quality and quantity?  
  2. Why do you think it costs between $600 million and $700 million to construct a conventional reservoir in Central Indiana?

Project Resources

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