Implications of Climate Change

Implications of Climate Change

Many resources describe the implications of climate change. Some present information on historically observed changes (e.g., temperature, precipitation) while others project changes into the future based on alternative scenarios (e.g., frequency of intense storms in the future). The U.S. National Climate Assessment synthesizes the best available scientific information on climate change for the country, and additional resources are available for more fine-grained geographic scopes.

ERIT focuses on helping communities adapt to the changes as documented in the U.S. National Climate Assessment, with a particular emphasis on the Midwest. The Environmental Resilience Institute’s broad mission of helping the region prepare for environmental change is reflected throughout ERIT’s content.

Information about the implications of climate change is provided below.

Climate Impacts

Visit the links below to see how climate change can affect our everyday lives.

Regional Climate Impacts

Explore the links below to learn more about the regional implications of climate change.

  • Regional Impacts – Includes the most recent summary of climate impacts by the U.S. National Climate Assessment.
  • Sector Impacts by Region – See a brief summary of the impacts of climate change on key sectors by region. Information in this section is provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.