St. Louis Park, MN green infrastructure

Outcomes and Conclusions

The St. Louis Park residents widely accepted and embraced the Rainwater Rewards Program. In its first three years of implementation, the program supported the installation of approximately 60 green infrastructure projects. As of summer, 2020, the program is on track to support the installation of 40+ projects. The program makes these projects much more affordable as reimbursements can cover 50 percent - 75 percent of the total project costs, increasing the access of these projects to a large portion of the community residents. The average cost to residents following reimbursement is approximately $100 - $250. 

The community’s embrace of the Rainwater Rewards Program also spurred local businesses to increase their own implementation of green infrastructure in new development and construction.


A primary challenge for the St. Louis Park is the ability to actively respond to the residents’ interest in the Rainwater Rewards program. The Water Resource Manager is currently the sole administrator of the program. As interest grows and scheduling site visits become more time-consuming the manager will work to meet all demands while still maintaining a high level of service to the city's residents.

Another challenge is the program expanding beyond single-family homes to including multifamily buildings. Multifamily buildings are generally larger in scope and have the potential for more costly projects and longer time frames for completion and keeping property managers interested over a longer-term is challenging.

According to the project manager, “this is a great program for the community and if you have a supportive council and the right resources, it can be a lot of fun! The benefits are almost untold in terms of what people learn.” 

Equity and Justice

The program began at a grassroots level, with a focus on residential properties, in an effort to gauge interest in the program and to determine future budgetary needs. As the popularity of the program continues to grow, the city is excited about expanding the program outreach to the greater community to include all housing developments, including apartments, within the city in the coming years.

Project Resources

For more information about St. Louis Park's program, contact:

Erick Francis
Water Resources Manager
The City of St. Louis Park