Risk and Vulnerability assessments

  • Use maps, historical data, projections, and advice from experts to understand your community’s climate exposure and identify potential threats.
  • Understand how extreme weather events and climate change impacts are likely to affect your community’s residents, infrastructure, the economy, and the natural environment.
  • Identify an existing economic development board or establish a task force of residents, business owners, and industry representatives to evaluate how the climate change vulnerabilities specific to its community will impact the local economy. Develop a report or other way to communicate findings to the community.
  • Pay close attention to the most exposed and affected areas and people in the community to determine their risks.
  • Estimate or rank the probability of occurrence of extreme events.

  • Release a draft vulnerability assessment to the public to ensure that it resonates with what residents know about their community.
  • Use the vulnerability assessment to help draft a climate resilience plan (See Resilience Planning above.)