Walkable Communities

  • Use heat-tolerant street landscaping to reduce the amount of sun and heat reaching the ground to enable pedestrians to access the sidewalks, bikeways, and crosswalks by lowering ground-level temperatures and to reduce the effects of weathering.
  • Ensure asphalt/concrete mixtures and other construction materials are appropriate for anticipated flooding and temperature changes (e.g., potholes, sidewalk deterioration).
  • Adopt and implement increased standards for drainage capacity for new transportation infrastructure and major rehabilitation projects.
  • Ensure pavement grooving and sloping is appropriate for anticipated flooding, among other strategies.

  • Ensure that sidewalks, bikeways, and crosswalks are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other relevant national, state, or local guidelines.

Source Documents

These strategies are adapted from existing federal and other resources. Please view these strategies in the context provided by the primary source document: