Forests and Green Infrastructure

Seeing the forest for the co-benefits

As global temperatures continue to rise, forests and green infrastructure have the potential to play an outsized role in offsetting some of the effects of climate change and bolstering public health.

The Environmental Resilience Institute is measuring the benefits of green spaces in cities and towns and studying how climate change will impact existing forests.

Ecosystem and Climate Consequences of Forest Community Change

Using a combination of growth chamber experiments, forest inventory data, and ecosystem modeling, IU Biology Professor Rich Phillips and his team seek to predict how forests change across Indiana and beyond in response to human activities such as fire suppression, nitrogen pollution, invasive species, and climate change.

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Pleasant Run Waterway Project

Many waterways in Indiana are so contaminated that communities have largely abandoned them. Indianapolis is undertaking a massive restoration project to improve conditions. Partnering with the city, IU, and IUPUI, researchers are determining how quickly these waterway systems can be restored so communities can again value them as assets.

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